Virgin Prunes à la mode – Gloria magazine (1983)

Fashion spread from Gloria (feb/march 1983), a French magazine. Article by Patrick Rognant, photos by Philippe Djanoumoff, styling by Alain Foucher. Clothes by Karl Lagerfeld, Thierry Muglier and Claude Montana.

Rognant writes: “Dave-id confides in me that his favourite singer is Bruce Springsteen. They don’t want to be a cult band like Psychic TV, P.I.L. or Joy Division, they don’t intellectualise their music, reject gratuitious violence (their favourite song is Down the memory lane on Heresie). Gavin who acts the beast or the devil on stage, develops an almost saintly aura in person. Only Guggi retains a little of his personality off stage. Dave-id exudes an almost childlike freshness, Strongman – who works with his father (a bicycle salesman), is flegmatic like a Brit, like Dik. The most striking is undoubtedly Mary D’Nellon, who punctuates the interview with laughter.”