Tripping the lite fantastik – Record Mirror (1981)

Cover and ‘Tripping the lite fantastik’ article by Chris Westwood, from the February 21, 1981 issue of Record Mirror.

From the article:

Gavin Friday is wearing a dress (“but I don’t want to look like a woman – I’m not wearing the dress in a feminine way”); Dave-id is currently calling himself Dave-Id Busaras Scott Hamster String Logical Garden 1981; Strongman is thus dubbed in lieue of his considerable weakness; Guggi is at the zoo “studying the life of the common reptile” (Guggi owns three snakes and is saving up for a crocodile); Dik (brother of U2’s The Edge) appears to have stumbled from the ranks of Beefheart’s Magic Band; and Haa Lacka Bintii says “underneath it all, we’re quite human.”

“I love Barry Manilow,” enthuses ex-child actor Bintii, “but Genesis are my real favourites. When Robin Smith slagged off our single in Record Mirror I didn’t mind because he made Phil Collins single of the week.”

Bintii: “A great deal of masculinity is connected with pagain aggro – and I think if you don’t want to fit into that you have to make it very obvious, which means people react violently.. people trying to prove their maleness by acting in the most boorish manner.”

Gavin: “I could never relate to all the programming, like at school, where boys have to do certain things, tings expected of them, like they must have their hair short and they must play football…”

Binttii: “I consciously didn’t do sports because of that. The other reason I didn’t do sports was because I’m very bad at them.”

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