TV Appearances

1979, Ireland, RTE, The Late Late Show (broadcast October 1979), studio performance
– Theme For Thought
1982, Ireland, RTE, Non Stop Pop
– Pagan Lovesong
1982, UK, Channel 4, Whatever You Want, footage recorded specially at the Brixton Ace on 25 November 1982
– Walls Of Jericho
1983, UK, Channel 4, Whatever You Didn’t Get (broadcast 23 March 1983), additional footage from the Whatever You Want set
– Ulakanakulot/Decline & Fall, Theme for Thought
1983, France, programme called L’Echo des Bananes, studio performance
– Walls of Jericho, Caucasian Walk, Ulakanakulot/Decline & Fall, Theme For Thought
1983, Switzerland, from the Lausanne Salle St. Jean performance of 5 February 1983
– Ulakanakulot/Decline & Fall, Theme for Thought, Sweet Home Under White Clouds, Bau-dachong, Gaga, Come to daddy
1983/4, Belgium, at an outdoor festival somewhere in Belgium or Holland (backdrop shows unclear motto of “Werkgroep Jengo Adinkerke” – was this the Seaside Festival on 14 August 1983?)
– Love Lasts Forever, Theme for Thought
1985, UK, BBC2, Whistle Test
– Mark Allen & John Peel review the Sons Find Devils video, with a clip of the Rhetoric video
1986, UK, Music Box, footage and backstage interview from the 19 Jul 1986 performance at Manchester’s G-Mex Centre
– interview and clip of Love Lasts Forever