Tracklisting: Over The Rainbow

Last in our tracklisting previews, the double CD ‘Over the Rainbow’.

CD 1:
Red Nettle 2.18
Twenty Tens 2.26
Pagan Lovesong Vibe-Akimbo 6.49
Moments’n’mine 4.27
Mad Bird In The Wood 4.19
The Children Are Crying 5.11
Jigsawmentallama 6.19
King Of Junk 2.49
War 2.02
Greylight 4.21
CD 2:
White History Book 3.44
The Faculties Of A Broken Heart 5.04
In The Greylight 2.45
The Happy Dead 13.38
Revenge 3.34
Third Secret 4.13
Love Lasts Forever 11.24

6 thoughts on “Tracklisting: Over The Rainbow

  1. mark farmer says:

    this is gonna be a killer.COME ON !!!!!

  2. Noggin says:

    Does this mean the ‘Song’ master tape is a gonna?
    “Endzeit (cassette, Power Focus/Datenverarbeitung, Power Focus 003/Data 0012, 1982)
    A compilation put together by John Balance (Coil). A limited edition of 230 copies.Song
    (From a performance at the Project Arts Centre, Dublin, on 25 April 1981.)”

  3. Travis says:

    It doesn’t have “Just A Lovesong.” What a shame- that’s such a cute little ditty.

  4. Travis says:

    Oh wait! They’re adding it to “Just A Lovesong” to The Moon Looked Down and Laughed.

  5. vodka ed says:

    hiya! “love lasts forever” is indeed the single mix and stops at 4:45, then there’s a little bonus track after a bit of silence. does anyone know what the hidden track is? swimming in vodka—ed

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