Virgin Prunes: An Exhibition (promo)

Mute Records have released a promo CD containing material from all five re-issues, entitled ‘Virgin Prunes: An Exhibition”

(Mute Records PYE00CD 0724386496508)
1 Baby Turns Blue 3.39
2 Love Lasts Forever 4:45
3 Theme For Thought 5.41
4 Heaven 3.40
5 Sandpaper Lullabye 3.05
6 Twenty Tens 2.26
7 Loved One 4.35
8 Mad Bird In The Wood 4.19
9 Pagan Lovesong (Live at the Rex Club, Paris, April 1982) 3.41
10 Come To Daddy 10.01
Plus videos:
11 Pagan Lovesong 3.47
12 Rhetoric 7.20
13 Gavin, Guggi and Dave-Id, 01.07.04 (Video Introduction) 2:45
A copy of the CD was auctioned on E-bay earlier this month. Bidding began on 8 August 2004 and ended on 18 August. The buyer eventually paid an astonishing £225 (UK), which is approximately €330 or $410 (US) at current exchange rates.

17 thoughts on “Virgin Prunes: An Exhibition (promo)

  1. lupetta says:

    I hope same will be available for free on our favourite P2P network soon…..enjoy.

  2. Hibernia says:

    As an afterthought… that picture of Guggi is truly beautiful!

  3. Iain says:

    You get the promo CD free from some companies if you buy all 5 re-issued CDs for

  4. ELIAS says:

    goddammit!!, I just ordered yesterday, here in Florida, USA, the 5 reissues cd`s and the 12″, and today you tell me that “An Exhibition” it`s now deleted and out of print??!!!!. Damn you guys!!
    How in blazes may I find and where, that
    compilation , which I was and still very interest to have!.
    Please send me an answer o I`ll cursed all of You for the whole Eternity, savvy?.
    Anyway, my best of wishes for all of you. E.

  5. David says:

    Are the videos the same as per the Sons find Devils video?

  6. Matt says:

    Personally, I think it’s lame that they chose to put exclusive material (the shorter version of “Love Lasts Forever”, the videos, etc.) on a limited promo disc that most of us won’t have access to rather than putting it on the reissues, where there’s surely plenty of room. I don’t see how doing that benefits anybody, except for those few people that managed to get a copy. Too bad for those of us that can’t afford to buy all of the discs at once, huh?

  7. ChrisWN says:

    So what on the promo besides the video, isn’t available on the regular releases?
    Will there be a DVD?

  8. paddy says:

    just bought a copy on ebay for 63 dollars

  9. monica says:

    gavin friday rocks, i played an extra in the film, ‘breakfast on pluto’, gavin was great singing with cillian, very enjoyable to watch. posted by monica

  10. orange22 says:

    just to say that I’m here.
    in lisbon.
    in portugal.
    in the world…

  11. orange22 says:

    just to say that I’m here.
    and have one original too.
    just bought last august.
    new. cheap. here, in lisbon.

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