Tracklisting: Heresie

From box set to double 10″ and now on CD:

Part One
1 We Love Deirdre 1.17
2 Rhetoric 7.14
3 Down The Memory Lane 3.24
4 Man On The Corner 2.20
5 Nisam Lo 1.25
6 Loved One 4.35
7 Go

10 thoughts on “Tracklisting: Heresie

  1. Guy says:

    No additional tracks, but when the music is THIS good, who cares?!?!?!?! Roll on 27th September!

  2. mark farmer says:

    what are the other prunes up to?Dik,Mary,Strongman where are you?

  3. tenebris says:

    Many luck to see Gavin & Guggi at the Sister Ray. But it will be more great to see the complete team. Have you some news about Strongman, Mary & Dik ? Pod & Dave-id too ?

  4. wouter says:

    Came across this auction at eBay today:
    “New Virgin Prunes CD: ‘An Exhibition’. 10 track promo CD to accompany the re-release of the Virgin Prunes back catalogue. includes great biography, rare pictures, video clips” …

  5. bert says:

    its a great item indeed. its only such a pity that people are so eager to make a buck out of free material, and I fear this item will sell too high
    heresie, the best.. hopefully someday we will get the full version of rhetoric, i always felt like it was too short
    still, this album will always be mu number 1

  6. mark farmer says:

    totaly agree Bert,its always the fans who’s wallet suffers with items like this.
    why are dealers given these by mute records.i’ve noticed that whenever i visit London,the music & exchange shop always have mute stuff(promos etc)for sale.well before the release date..
    mute released a similar cd for TG (1 HOUR PROMO)and dealers made a packet out of that.

  7. lite says:

    Yeah, the prices asked for free stuff is not very okay. But if you really gotta have it… I had to pay some for the free Joy Division flexi, back in 1980 or so. Still happy that I payed those few guilders.

  8. wouter says:

    The bidding on eBay is getting out of hand: 205 Pounds (305 Euros), and still 20 hours to go.. :/

  9. moggydon says:

    the mute promo cd-is that what mute are offering as bonus if you buy all 5 reissues?
    I’ve hardly ever seen anything by the rest of tne prunes over the years,but I did come across a Dave-id cd,a few years back-“smegma structions dont rhyme”.Neat.

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