Gavin and Guggi sign at Sister Ray

Want to meet the two frontmen of the Virgin Prunes? Here’s your chance:
Gavin Friday and Guggi will be signing copies of the re-issued CDs at London’s indie record shop Sister Ray on September 29th, before their Nag Nag Nag DJ set.

Signing will start early afternoon around 1.30 for copies purchased in Sister Ray.
Sister Ray
94 Berwick Street

2 thoughts on “Gavin and Guggi sign at Sister Ray

  1. Kevin says:

    The top picture of your Various Images V of Guggi perched on the stool is from the gig at the Heaven. I remember those red spotlights well. So I would think the rest were taken at the same show.

  2. Paul Denman says:

    Oh My God! ;o)
    I’ll be there, you just try and stop me (well don’t actually)…
    Will there be any of the promo goodies available that are hinted at elsewhere on this wonderful site???

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