Tracklisting: A New Form Of Beauty

We kick off the tracklisting previews with A New Form of Beauty, a double CD:

CD 1:
Sandpaper Lullabye – 3.05
Sleep Fantasy Dreams – 2.45
Come To Daddy – 10.01
Sweet Home Under White Clouds – 6.28
Sad World – 5.28
Beast – 10.37
Abbagal – 5.19
Brain Damage – 3.45
No Birds To Fly – 7.12
CD 2:
Din Glorious – 37.32
Din Glorious (Extracts from a performance at the

12 thoughts on “Tracklisting: A New Form Of Beauty

  1. audrey (Aon) says:

    a double cd?!! .. oh goody!! .. and i don’t think i’ve heard anything from ‘A New Form Of Beauty 4’, so the 2nd cd will be an extra bonus for me! .. so, instead of ‘come to daddy’, it’s ‘come to mummy’ .. heheheh 😉

  2. Sol Ist says:

    Nice to include the entire ‘New Form of Beauty’ set although isn’t it obvious things could’ve been included on one CD alone? This way i wonder how much it’ll cost… All this exclusivity about two CDs these days…

  3. mark farmer says:

    brilliant.single cds only hold about 74 minutes of music so a double it had to be.cost!!?? knowing mute records .they won’t rip us off.

  4. Guy says:

    Oooh, its the whole thing – fantastic! I love the backwards talking baby part on the 2nd section of ‘Din Glorious’ – can’t wait, can’t wait!

  5. wouter says:

    The inclusion of ‘Din Glorious’ makes up for ignoring the original artwork, but let’s not start that discussion again 😉
    CD2 is a treat for old fans, as this is the first ever CD-release of ‘A New Form Of Beauty – Part 4’, and will perhaps be a surprise for more recent fans: ‘Din Glorious’ is Virgin Prunes like you’ve never heard them before!

  6. Guy says:

    I thought Din Glorious was the best thing about that Italian 2lp ANFOB release (along with Sandpaper Lullaby – still my fave VP track!). September 27th is still a few weeks away, but within reach – hope times goes quickly!

  7. bill says:

    Initial prices for these releases are posted on CDUNIVERSE.COM
    often times they offer specials, but not yet. even at prices listed…these look like “can’t pass up” deals…especially considering the remastering, the liner notes, etc.
    from what i have seen on this web page…these cds look exceptional. I am ordering every single one.

  8. Alejandro Rodriguez says:

    I would like to know what about “The pig children”?. Why is not included in this new edition?.

  9. diane pop says:

    I just bought this cd today. Oct 26th. Sweet home under white clouds gets to me the way nothing else does. It’s very strange. I feel like I lost a limb and found it again= thank god. I know this might be a weird thing to say, but it’s very soulfull in some ways. I can’t believe I’ve made it through the past 10 years without it.
    Surpasses ANY of the crap anyone is putting out these days and calling music. Probably makes Trent Reznor cry his eyes out. lol.
    Love you guys to bits. Please put out something new. PLEASE!!! It is so incredible the images and memories these songs evoke for me.
    My graditude goes very deep. That’s all I can say before I start weeping

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