15 thoughts on “Artwork: Over the Rainbow

  1. mark farmer says:

    the jigsaw complete…long live the prunes.

  2. mark farmer says:

    not many comments about this cover.ALL HAPPY?.

  3. Beba says:

    Well, the group’s publicity shots had better moments… at least when it comes to covers – ‘Baby Turns Blue’ with this 3D lettering only to suggest the word ‘Over’ is a bit tasteless… Wonder who designed these sleeves…

  4. wouter says:

    What about ‘The Hidden Lie’?
    A re-release of that album with extra live tracks of course 🙂 -e.g. the brilliant Brel/Bowie cover ‘My death’- would have made the picture complete…
    Anyway, let’s warm up for next week’s tracklisting discussions 🙂

  5. Beba says:

    No, Beba is ‘Beba’ alright, I guess this Ivan-guy and I probably share mutual tastes in cover artwork – I read his posts, and I think he’s right at some point… Unlike Ivan I won’t criticize the lot for I waited years for these to be released but as any regular fan, I personally think these artworks should’ve been restored from original ones…. But that’s another story altogether… Love, B

  6. Caroline says:

    “What about ‘The Hidden Lie’?”
    I think they don’t want to repeat the canned audience debacle.

  7. Sol Ist says:

    I heard something about this ‘debacle’ thing… What happened?

  8. Yecatl says:

    Well, i’m not just bitchin about the covers whitout a reason, but, My God! those photoshop-ish writing doesn’t look good! i fucking love the VirginPrunes, i own all thei vynil stuff and i don’t see what’s the problem about switching old covers for nu ones but… please, change em for some not so Photoshop-ish!

  9. mark farmer says:

    give mute records a chance.they have always done things well.look at the cabs/tg/non etc re-releases.just be grateful that this amazing records are being given a new lease of life

  10. Sol Ist says:

    Personally I am a great fan of Mute and most of my music collection is built out of Mute’s catalogue – back or present… Mute seems to be one of the survivors from the first post-punk generation of indie labels and i salute to this step re-releasing material from an Irish group so untypical of their environment, in fact so untypical to rock music in general. I am probably one of the groaners regarding artworks that have been so radically changed – The Cabs, TG and Non have been released with their original sleeves and that’s what it’s all about – the beauty and originality somewhere in the past for the future (at least I like to think so)… But I am afraid that Mute no longer control their freedom and I guess besides Mr. Friday, who eagerly directed the ‘new look’ for the Prunes’ artwork, compromises have been struck from many sides as well – that’s the way things work. If you want to sell something it has to make an appeal – although ‘Over the Rainbow’ is definitely the worst of the remastered artworks, I am sure it will make an impact for the new generation of admirers for this extraordinary group of people.

  11. Aon says:

    i don’t care what anyone else says.. i like them! 🙂

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