Prunes on Mute

Gavin Friday confirmed the Virgin Prunes back catalogue will be released on Mute Records, speaking to John Kelly on RTE radio 1 on Friday, March 21, 2003.

23 thoughts on “Prunes on Mute

  1. Bryan says:

    Any idea when the official releases will be?

  2. Paul says:

    Man, I can’t wait!!!
    This is soooo overdue in coming.
    Everyone I lend any GF CDs to, comes back wanting to hear more… here’s there chance!
    I hope there are plenty of booklets etc. to browse through; pics, biogs, etc..??
    All the best with the site & the future releases.

  3. Paul says:

    I can’t believe I mis-spelt “their” 🙁

  4. micky says:

    At the begining of the year there was an anouncement that all their backcatalogue was going to be released,now nearly 2004…any ideas someone, as to the release date?
    micky.(huge fan)

  5. eddie yorba says:

    it would be great if you could put some disc covers or more vids and pics

  6. Caroline says:

    We’ll improve the page if you come up with interesting suggestions. Just barking Spanish at us doesn’t exactly inspire.

  7. Caroline says:

    eddie, I’ll see what I can do about the sleeve images in the future.

  8. Erik says:

    I hope the Artfuck cd is re-released also. As for now no album seems to be re-released.

  9. BatLuder says:

    I hope it’s soon re-released. I’ll buy the whole collection…
    When will we hear a release date?

  10. Jigsaw says:

    I’ve been waiting for another re-release for a long time. I was patient enough to wait for the last re-release in the early 90’s but have, since then, lost posession of some of the old releases – as well as the early 90’s releases also. A full catalogue release…one including singles, b-sides, and all!…would be an answer to prayer, literally. – My friend was telling me last night how he used to get harassed in high school for being a Bowie fan, and it reminded me of what I read of Gavin as explained by Bono in that U2 book. …As for release date, yes, soon please!

  11. Jigsaw says:

    Sorry, I meant to mention about the Bowie thing, that when I heard that story about Gavin, I knew I had to get everything they had ever released.

  12. Splatter says:

    How can i keep informed of this? is there an email list that will announce it? I tried once to get info from mute directly but ill have to be a little more pressing! I run a music news website and i would really like to help promote this with a feature article. Thanks for sending me this link jigsaw.

  13. gusti says:

    great page, congratulations.
    and great news about the re-release.

  14. Sinistaire says:

    Amazing. I think that the impending re-release of their material comes exactly at the right time…
    I can’t wait… 🙂

  15. ed says:

    I have the records…but the cds will be wellcome !!! Go on with the nice packaging and meka us some surprise :))

  16. Ama says:

    No news on the re-releasing front??? I’m eagerly awaiting….and awaiting….. Best regards, Ama

  17. ralph naim says:

    I will love to remix some off this lovely song’s,
    if any one know’s how to get in touch whit the bend and or any one, I have no idea will love to know about that can some one help me.

  18. yoko yamamoto says:

    I want to know members of Prunes’s birthday(especially Guggi). Does anyone know?(Please forgive my stupid question.)

  19. Mug says:

    Any update on when the release dates are?

  20. Caroline says:

    According to a French journalist, Mute have mentioned an August 24th release date.

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