Uncle Arthur’s Lonely World

Uncle Arthur went to work
Came home from work
Like he always does
There’s so many lonely people in the world
He’s just one of them
Uncle Arthur was looking out the window
The day the stone came through the window
The glass hit him in the face
The blood runs down his cheek
But no-one really cares about a lonely man
Living his lonely life
Uncle Arthur sometimes wishes he was dead
But he’s got to keep on living his life
The best he can
Oh, oh, lonely as he’ll ever be
Oh, oh, lonely as he’ll ever be
Uncle Arthur and all the lonely people in the world
Sometimes, you know you’ve got to be kind of them
Never had a television
Never had a radio
Never saw Dracula
Never saw Frankestein
He lives in his own world
In his own cartoon world
No-one cares, no-one really knows.
Oh, oh lonely as he’ll ever be…
Oh don’t talk about the lonely people
They all seem to be in such pain
Their life is a lot of pain
I don’t know, no I don’t know
What the world is coming to