The Moon Looked Down And Laughed

The moon has eyes and watches me
As I go to sleep
I’ve caught so many falling stars
There’s holes in my hands
Such a tale I could tell you
Oh, I will take one more step
Get down on your knees, crawl!
Another dead soldier – me that’s all
Take a chance
Take a chance today
Fall in love – run away
True bliss for a couple of hours
Picking up the vainest loving flowers
Brothers! Sisters! Mothers too
A chip on my shoulder as I get older
Hey, buy me a drink and I’ll be like you
Can’t walk, can’t sleep, can’t think
My eyes deceive me my friends are freaks
A lover or a liar in the midnight sun
A lover or a liar, oh which one?
Oh leave me, or love me, I’m everyone’s fool
Confusion! Oh my Jesus guilt
“Am I man enough to take this?”
Get out of my way
Get out of my way
You should know better
Is pain the only comfort?
Is pain the only comfort?
My luck is where I fall
Acceptance! Deliverance!
Who? Who am I fooling?
Tomorrows never come
I am the meat
I am the murder
The eye of the fork
This man must walk
Oh no! Oh no!
I’m just one step, two steps, three steps away
Oh the moon looked down and laughed…
Hey blue moon, you saw me standing alone
Without a love of my own