Masterbag interview – 1982

(Quotes from 1982 Masterbag article)

Dik: “Our motivation is to express ourselves in whatever way we feel we must.”

Gavin: “We want our audience to do as they wish. If they like it or lump it, it makes no difference to us once they react.”

Dik: “Our work originates from within our collective personalities. It is not influenced by external experience except in so far as they alter us as people.”

Gavin: “A desire to create art? No! We don’t like ‘art’, only people and things around us. Most of our music is based on genuine emotions — Dave-id is the best example of that.”

Gavin: “We don’t really like interviews and journalists don’t really like us, because we don’t give ‘one-two-three’ answers about our songs.”

Gavin: “The Beast is beautiful. Just because something is unpleasant to watch and listen to doesn’t mean it’s ugly. That’s what we’re saying — it’s another form of beauty.”

Gavin: “We aren’t anything you want to name. We aren’t psychedelic punks and we don’t take drugs. We are simply us. Oh, and by the way, I’m not gay.”

Gavin: “Other groups do their trip — we don ours. As regards The Prunes making hit singles, if we want to aim for that market we would do so. We don’t ever see ourselves just appealing to one market.”

Dik: “I don’t think we’ve ever come across the way we should, especially if people are being nice to you, it restricts you so much. In the past we have suffered from having to defend ourselves, because we do not make statements from a fixed point or perspective.”