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Video: Walls of Jericho

Walls of Jericho, live

Eyewitness: ‘Nudefootballer’

I saw the Virgin Prunes once, at Queen’s University in Belfast, circa 1979. I was 14 or 15 at the time, I’m now 43 with a lifetime of going to see bands under my belt and to this day I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so shocking/anarchic/frightening/surreal! The story is this: Belfast in the […]

Video: Theme for thought


Video: Decline and Fall

Watch this video of “Decline and Fall”, recorded from the British television programme “Whatever you want”.

Video: Theme for Thought

Watch this video of “Theme for Thought”, recorded from the British television programme “Whatever you want”.

Video: Sweethomeunderwhiteclouds


She’d smile for you and tilt her head and that’s what you want oh a kiss could tell all the stories you’ve been told is she good in bed? diamonds are forever but she pays the price she cannot see a thousand deaths her heart has died in innocence and beauty she caged the beast […]

Gavin Friday plays Dublin, July 27 and 28

Ireland’s most avant-garde performer, Gavin Friday, performs his new theatrical show, Tomorrow Belongs To Me, in an intimate setting in Dublin for the first time in three years.

Video: Bernie & Attracta

Rogue’s Gallery out on August 22

The Johnny Depp inspired / Hal Willner produced tribute to sea songs and chanteys ‘Rogue’s Gallery’ will be released on ANTI on August 22. The album features the mini-reunion of Dave-id, Guggi and Gavin Friday, on the song ‘Bully in the Alley’. Gavin Friday also contributes the song ‘Baltimore Whores’ Disc one: “Cape Cod Girls,” […]