NMX fanzine interview (1981)

Q: What is ‘A New Form of Beauty’ about?

Dave-id: Ugliness

Dik: Very difficult to explain in verbal terms. We had become disillusioned with the releasing of just records. We wanted to make up our own rules as opposed to working to rules made up from the outside. ‘A New Form of Beauty’ is about areas that are close and personal to the Prunes… too difficult to explain in words.

Q: What does the title refer to?

Dave-id: Everything!

Dik: Things under the ground

Gavin: Sometimes I feel confused. I see things I like and they look so ugly and then things I don’t like look so nice. ‘A New Form of Beauty’ is what we see as being beautiful in a way that is usually ignored. As Dik says, things under the ground.

For the full interview download this PDF: NMX fanzine 1981