To Here Knows When podcast – If I Die I Die

In this episode of To Here Know When – Great Irish Albums Revisited, Gavin Friday joins Paul McDermott e to discuss …If I Die, I Die. They chat about Dublin in the 1970s and 80s; the band’s A New Form of Beauty multi format releases in 1981; touring throughout Europe; pushing boundaries with performance; working with Wire’s Colin Newman on If I Die, I Die; Séan Nós (old style) and the other Irish influences on the album; working with the photographer Ursula Steiger on the sleeve art concept; gigs in the UK; the Irish journalist Bill Graham; the band’s Hérésie concept album; producing the band’s last album The Moon Looked Down and Laughed with Soft Cell’s Dave Ball and the ending of the band. They also chat about the latest album that Gavin is currently working on and how proud he is of the Virgin Prunes.

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