13 thoughts on “Gavin and Guggi spin records in London

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for a great website! I have heard of the Virgin Prunes but am not familiar with their songs or performances. I hope that some day I can buy a DVD of the Virgin Prunes in concert to learn more about them.

  2. Rob E says:

    Great website! The Virgin Prunes remain the best live band I’ve ever seen (Leeds 1981) – totally unforgettable.

  3. Kurt says:

    yep, you will. Cherry Red (www.cherryred.co.uk – not announced yet) will release on August 30th ‘Sons Find Devils’ on DVD!

  4. Ali says:

    I missed seeing the Virgin Prunes but they were a favourite of mine in my teens. Love to see a tour of the rereleases.

  5. fred says:

    hello I living in strasbourg in france and i would like to know where gavin and guggi will be doing their set

  6. Baudinet says:

    Thanks for your great site.
    Extra info:
    I attended two gigs in France you missed:
    28th of january of 1983
    Theatre Le Palace PARIS
    8th of april of 1983
    Festival: Printemps de Bourges
    If you want a scan of the tickets e-mail back.

  7. Le~nore says:

    I wish you and Sex Gang Children would create some sort of Goth Fest and come to Los Angeles/Hollywood and PLAY!! PSH! I’d even help you out…if I had the power..=x
    The music that you left behind should be revived once again to let the old as well as the new listeners have that opportunity to see you live…while your still alive!
    If not..either way I will always love what you left my ears to experience your musique! <3
    hey make a myspace profile haha

  8. Dexter says:

    Thanx for this website!
    In want to thank the Virgin Prunes for their good music.
    Badly i’ve only see them play one time. That was on 16 juni 1986 in the Arena Rotterdam. To bad Guggi wasn’t their. Greetz. Dexter

  9. Margot says:

    Hello Prunes! I saw you all in Tilburg, the 2nd of may 1982!
    The show (performance & music) was beyond words:
    a m a z i n g !!!
    I had the luck to get back stage, in the arms of Dave-id…
    I was 17 back then and very timide, I hardly spoke a word for the whole night. Afterwoods, my mates were gone! And I spend the rest of the night and morning on my own, searching in a strange big city for the trainstation, to get a ride back home to Belgium. My boyfriend was furious (and jealous)! but of course nothing wrong had happened…
    Nevertheless I had an exciting evening with the famous ‘Virgin Prunes’!!!
    I’ll never forget! Thnx!
    Big kisses for all of ya!
    PS: Maybe we’ll meet again sometime somewhere? Greetz M

  10. fab says:

    hi prunes when will u ever come back here in Rome?
    lots of people loves you, thanks for your precious art

  11. Lucky Cat says:

    It’s about time! A website that covers one of the most special musical/performance acts EVER in the history of the arts!
    March,1982 Lyceum London with Meteors, Theatre of Hate and UK Decay! What a gig!!!
    Not only did the Prunes change my whole outlook on life, but gave me a chance to explore many other sides of music that I would have never thought of getting into. And that’s from a guy who was part of the early Los Angeles scene!
    God Bless the Virgin Prunes! Wish you’ld re-form and play LA??!!!

  12. Vyvian Blackthorne says:

    Goth rock legends you guys are; the best wishes from me. I hope the bleak legends known as the Virgin Prunes continue their legacy as Gavin and Guggi (the ultimate blonde goth :p) inspire generations of my culture and music to come.

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