Forthcoming features

With the re-releases now available, or nearly available, to most fans (depending on where you live), you might be forgiven for thinking that the editors will be putting our feet up and relaxing.

Not at all! We have a couple more items coming up for you in the near future, which we hope you’ll enjoy. Firstly, join us on Monday for an exclusive competition, giving you the opportunity to win one of five copies of the now-deleted An Exhibition CD, signed by Gavin, Guggi and Dave-id.
Speaking of Dave-id, our second treat is a forthcoming interview with the man himself. We spoke to him in early September about the band’s history and the re-releases and the only reason that we haven’t published the results so far is that we talked for so long that it’s taking forever to transcribe the recording!
With the much-valued support of Mute Records, we’ll be bringing you any additional news as soon as we receive it. Away from the re-releases section of the site, we’re adding background information at a slow but steady pace (for example, this recent scan of an ANFOB5 ticket).
All in all, it’s a good time for the Virgin Prunes fanbase and we aim to keep you as entertained and informed as we possibly can.