Court Circuit airs Matinee interview

Studio Brussels will finally be airing Lux Jansen’s interview with Gavin and Guggi on Wednesday, November 10 (today).

Tune into Studio Brussels via the web. Court Circuit is on between 11pm and 1am, Central European Time.
To start up Studio Brussels’s audio player, click on the ‘luister live’ link in the top menu.

5 thoughts on “Court Circuit airs Matinee interview

  1. jere says:

    Studio Brussel aired the following parts of the matinee on Wednesday 10 November 2004 during the program

  2. Caroline says:

    Thanks, Jere. I thought both the interview as the on air comments were incredibly unprofessional. I’d expected more from a veteran DJ such as Mr Jansen.

  3. Hilde Vandevelde says:

    Many cheers for our dear Jere, at least someone who’s not afraid to speak his mind and give Lux his “verdiende vet”!
    Big smooch,

  4. Hilde Vandevelde says:

    This reminds me of Marc Mijlemans (RIP) who used to write reviews for Humo in the early 80ies.
    He wrote a review about VP at Hof ter Lo, completely slagging them off (I still have the article somewhere).
    I think a good reporter/interviewer does not judge art according to his own personal taste, but gives a neutral (face value)report.
    To report is not the same as to interpret.

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