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  1. Joe says:

    I wonder if all the original inserts will be reproduced in one way or another – though I can’t see it happening due to sheer size.

  2. Paul Flynn says:

    Met yer man Friday on Stephen’s Green a few weeks ago. He confirmed that I had indeed seen the Prunes or at least some of them ( himself, Guggi and Bintii )do what he called ‘an improvisational thing’ in the temproary college of art building in Prince’s Street in either 1981 or 1982. For one reason and another, I have never been entirely sure if it was the Prunes but I remember someone lying on his back and screaming ( Gav, naturally ) and being asked to bang a drum which was nice. If anyone can remember more of this, I would appreciate having some of my gaps filled. Very wonderful about the CD’s, isn’t it?

  3. Spokeshave says:

    Down the memory lane….The Virgin Prunes at their best were a band more in the sense of being a gathering of like minds than an actual musical unit. Existing in a place in which because nothing was possible, nothing expected, anything could happen. Careening with harrowing purpose through a moment in time, a moment now frozen by the fact that few observed it and fewer still understood it well enough to bother remembering it for a future they believed was probably not coming anyway.
    Songs, even the titles of which are guaranteed to conjure up the most disturbing images, images of decline and decay, of madness, creeping up behind you or carrying you along on a stream of carelessness to a place where the most unspeakably violent and depraved things coexist easily and naturally with children and saints, under the gaze of a God reimagined for a world waiting for the holocaust.
    For a moment, before they became a real band, the Virgin Prunes were the dregs of a stew boiled from the best excesses of Iggy Pop and Joel Grey, Marcel Duchamp and some bloke I read about who made a lot of arty noise but not a lot of sense. Artistes with a capital E simply because they said so.
    Which made it a lot easier for the rest of us, thank you very much.

  4. mauricette says:

    This photo is more clear that the one of Gavin inside the Heresie black box (invitation au suicide)…but… This album is special (sure, all albums of VP are specials !)… but the cover have not really the taste of Heresie…:(

  5. bert says:

    Heresie, the album that made me start listening to music. I like this artwork, it has a vey film noir feel to it and it is more clear than the original insert. I find it strange that people are bitching about the new covers. Keep in mind that the VP’s probably had a good sayso about them anyway. True the artwork for nfob looks like paganlsong, but it dipicts the pig children, which is clearly nfob. The original artwork and inserts for heresie were conjured up by invitation au suicide. This feels right to me. Remember that remakes always have to deal with nostalgic feelings about the original, but this doesn’t necessarily means they are worse, just different. Love to you all. Bert

  6. Caroline says:

    Bert wrote:
    “True the artwork for nfob looks like paganlsong, but it dipicts the pig children, which is clearly nfob.”
    Well spotted, Bert, that is part of the reasoning. We’ll have an interview with Gavin about these re-issues nearer to the release date.

  7. Noggin says:

    I’m so pleased at the re-issues project it sure has been a long time.
    Let’s hope someone at Mute can put some footage (NFOB5 Video etc!) onto a Dvd!?
    I don’t think you could ever record ‘Rhetoric’ in such blazon glory even if you were a god.

  8. Gaby says:

    Cuando recien descubri a Virgin Prunes, su estetica me daba escalofrios, tenia 15 a

  9. Thady says:

    Anyone know the name of the film on the original Heresie cover? Looked like a silent movie about Hell.

  10. Verot says:

    Question: “Anyone know the name of the film on the original Heresie cover? Looked like a silent movie about Hell.”
    Respons: I want to know it too!!! I’m shure it’s a sequent that shows the “divina commedia” from Dante Alighieri (1300). I’m searching that video too.

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