11 thoughts on “Artwork: A New Form of Beauty

  1. mark farmer says:

    roll on sept,i have the vinyls,i have the old cds but this looks great.can;t wait to here come to daddy REMASTERED.we in the black country love the prunes

  2. yoko yamamoto says:

    I’ve never seen this picture,
    (I know others like this.)
    That’s very exciting!!
    Would this also be re-released in Japan??
    (No way..?)

  3. Sol Ist says:

    I like the original covers better… this seems a bit away from what the contents and the artwork presented in original 12″ form… Anyway, this is Guggi from era 1982 (Pagan Lovesong) which gives ‘A New Form of Beauty’ sort of artificial effect… Still I am glad for these masterpieces won’t be left forgotten… Welcome back Virgin prunes (as long as you don’t reform as well)…

  4. Paul says:

    I have to agree that I prefer to see the original artwork at least on the cover of re-released CDs.
    The new art and sleeve notes etc are most welcome as additions, but not replacements imho.
    Now a DVD package, with original cover art and a booklet inside… that would really get me salivating & spending my hard-earned dosh!!! ;o)
    But also agree – it’s great to see VP getting re-released; that’s the major point… and… (WAIT FOR THIS!…)….
    If I Buy, I Buy!!!

  5. wouter says:

    The ‘A New Form Of Beauty’ project was brilliantly packaged, especially the vinyl 2LP-release of parts 1-4. The New Rose CD was OK, but this is wrong..
    The picture of Guggi is great, but reminds me too much of the Pagan Lovesong cover, the font is awful and the colour really doesn’t suit the ANFOB-‘feel’, whatever that may be 🙂
    It’s the same with ‘…If I die, I die’: I can’t imagine that album having a different cover.

  6. B.S.E says:

    Quit moaning and just enjoy the fact that these are available once more… So do we get a pigs headed box set? Having lost all my originals in a fire I am glad to be able to collect them again in any shape or form…. Thanks Mute!

  7. mauricette says:

    I’m curious to see inside…if a effort was made for the bookleg…
    For the cover…hmm…yes, looklike so much to “Pagan Lovesong” vynil…the original draw of Guggi for the 3 vynils was so excellents for this album…or the italian vynil version (with guggy + gavin naked with full of piggy bloody mud) too…

  8. Allan Zane says:

    Wonderful to see this on disc again w/’Din Glorious’! It’s about time that ended up on CD as well!!! But what the HELL is up w/that new artwork?! IT’S ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS!!! Well, for ‘A New Form of Beauty’ anyway. I agree w/the other person–looks too ‘Pagan Lovesong’–NOT for this re-release!!! This re-release should look like the 2-LP. I’ll be buying it for the other disc–NOT THE NEW ARTWORK!!! WHO’S HORRIBLE IDEA WAS THAT ANYWAY?!?!?!

  9. Caroline says:

    You may want to read the interview with Gavin we have on this site. It answers your questions.

  10. Marc says:

    20 years ago, didn’t imagine we would all still be here back then…..

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