Anyone can be a Virgin Prunes

The Italian tribute CD, Anyone Can Be A Virgin Prunes, was apparently released earlier this year. A review can be found here. Proposed tracks by Killing Moon (Decline and Fall), Alma Mater (Bau-Dachong), Mind Drop (Theme for Thought), Der Fox and Thanatos did not appear on the final released version. A re-release of the album is already planned; no date as yet, but it will drop the tracks from Limbo, Autunna et sa Rose, Trees and Neonirico and replace them with seven or eight tracks by non-Italian bands. If anyone out there would like to contribute to the re-release, or if you simply want to buy a copy and can’t find it in your local shop, contact E.N.D.E., PO Box 334, 47900 Rimini Centro, Italy. You can phone them on + 39 337 988779 or fax + 39 541 915295.