12 thoughts on “Dave-id, Guggi and Gavin promo video

  1. wouter says:

    The countdown to September 27th is getting more exciting by the day! 😉

  2. Ge says:

    Wow! it’s so cool to see them together again! i swear i shed a tear!

  3. paul says:

    how fantastic is THAT!!!. im so excited about the reissues…
    wish they would do some shows so i can re live those exciting days of hitching to the hacienda in 1983, and blagging my way into brixton academy via theatre of hate who supported them at that show…

  4. holy herwin says:

    why ? why ?
    Im in love with the odd cracks my records make
    i remember the purity of it in those days
    gone aswell now?

  5. In - Go says:

    three days ago i was thinking about the virgin prunes,and now i see them alive on vid. cosmik.yeah.

  6. sugar jones says:

    I loved the Virgin Prunes as a 15 yr old who never liked mainstream Goth, always loved underground punk and was entralled by the sheer drama of bands. With one (Guggi) looking almost like one of the New York Dolls and Gavin having THAT voice and…oh, everything.
    I cannot say how happy I am to see them recreating what seemed to be a bloodknot that seemed to begin in childhood (where our stongest bonds are formed).
    As I write I am listening to Caucasian Walk….it guides me, excites me, freaks me. loads welcome you back:-) Play soon, make it very soon.

  7. tato says:

    good! gathered again please for heavens come around and play!

  8. cmd says:

    So glad I found this site…I remember how difficult it was finding any info on VP back in the day (had to send away to Germany for the ‘Faculties of a Broken Heart’ book)! I really enjoyed this recent vid. How about a reunion tour?! Would love to see ’em in Cleveland–don’t believe they ever toured much beyond the eastern U.S.

  9. woot says:

    i’m just getting into The Prunes and i think a reunion tour would kick! i’ve heard of thier onstage madness and want to witness it first-hand! they should come to california if they do, i’m starting a cult over here…

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