Theme For Thought

[Alternative live lyrics are given in parentheses]
Should I talk the way you want me to talk
Say the things the way you want to hear them
I know a lot of people like that
They talk in words but what do they mean
[They think in words and words alone]
When heart becomes a chain, painted like a whore
[And sometimes, sometimes, words they betray me]
[She says to me with her questionnaire
“Answer this
Take this one”
I say one thing
I say
I say, I say…
One thing]
And I see her, see whore
They cannot see what they don’t have so deny that time
But there’s one thing, one thing I have, one thing I see
Why should I be like you?
Nothing is ever the way you say it is
Nothing is ever the way you want it
So don’t talk to me
Don’t look at me
But please stay with me
“He didn’t wear his scarlet robe, for blood and wine are red
And blood and wine were on his hands, when they found him with the dead
The poor dead woman, whom he loved and murdered in her bed
He walked amongst the trial men in a suit of shabby grey
A cricket cap stood on his head and his step seemed light and gay
Though I never saw a man look so wistfully at the day”
I see your heaven, you see my hell
Come see my heaven and I’ll show you, show you hell…
[Life is a cabaret, come to the cabaret
You are all invited, everone of you
You can see how you can be
You can talk
You can sing
While we pray
While we, while we…]