Sad World

When you’re down and out, nobody wants to know you
A boy and a girl running away
They won’t get far
Somebody gets shot
And somebody else laughs
They think it’s so funny
It’s a sad world
The river will swallow you up
Please take me away
With all the madmen I’d be better off in this ? ?
Take me away
It’s a game
Ah it’s a game and it’s an evil game
Everybody is out for themselves
The wind blew and the man went up to heaven for one day
The old man in the grey coat
Always so sad in the sad world
The devil is laughing
At all the sad people in the sad world
Take another toke to get your head together
Always drinking all night long if you could
?Jody’s? gone to sleep now, we can speak about sadness in the world
Joe is crossing the road
Car comes, knocks him down
Somebody’s screamed ? ? into a dream
The wind hollered
I could see the fire in hell in a dream
The men and the women are always so frightened
Always so scared
The little child is always crying
As the shadows fall on me
Somebody I think coming to kill me
So they ? a knife and then they killed me
Somebody knew which way the boys are fighting in the corner
Always fighting, crying
The world will end someday
Won’t be too soon