Shouting/Crying, things I’d care not to talk about
Closing in/I’m closing in, shut down
Still I have the memory in my head
Thinking about the things I’ve said
Telling me it’s not me
Say I say why? No reason but my own
Well, call it now, answer the questions i’m asking myself
God, they know all about me
I know just why, and the things I’ve said
Why don’t they leave me alone, why?
Hating myself, hating all – REVENGE
Someone’s watching, God they know
Talking about me, they’re talking about me
Yesterday I did things
I don’t want to talk about it! I don’t know
Tell them all – Tell them nothing
And I don’t care if I die tomorrow
And I’ll be sad if I don’t live forever
Hating all I am
Hating all they say about me!
Shut down/Closing in
They say I’m too much, too much for my head
Feeling now