No Birds To Fly

?Life is but a dream
?Life is but a dream
?Life is but a dream
I’ve never seen this before
I can see ? ? ? wet and sky so blue
Something else is ?hurting? me
The time has come to talk of things
Of shoes and bells and wedding rings
And why say goodbye, why say no more?
They’ve eaten everything, there’s nothing left
I’m sorry I ? ? ?
The sky la la la la
I can see mother
I can see sister
I can see brother
Shadows, shadows
I hear her crying
To play with them was such a trick
They make me sing
I wait for you, no answer came
And after the day was done
The night came to spoil our fun
We said goodbye
We were left to cry
Because of what was said
Because of what they said
Come and walk with me
A pleasant talk, a given hand
But never a word to say
Meaning nothing to say
You could not see the clouds
Because no clouds were in the sky
And no birds, no birds to fly