Moments And Mine (Despite Straight Lines)

If I knock on your door will you come out on the street?
And ‘ll show you the sun in the sky
“Hey, with your prick in your hand you won’t get very far”
Said this big fat yellow man
But it all seems so confusing, I don’t know which way to turn
So I climb back into my shell only to hear my mammy yell
“Hold your head up son, you know you are handsome
Quick, quick, you gotta go, gotta go out to play”
Play in the garden?
Oh dig me, dig me and I will smile
Oh tell me a story about Johnny McGorey, before I go to bed
I’ll drive you home in my big black car
Zoom, zoom, get out of my way! I need plenty of room
Oh don’t excite me, don’t excite me
(I’m really nervous underneath it all)
And I might flip the lid, I might flip the lid
Click, click, click, there’s a camera in my eye
I see all around me and I dream a lot at night
And I’m paying the price, paying the price for playing
Snakes and ladders, up and down. Who am I fooling?
Come on! Decorate my face
Lots of colour, colour, big bright shapes
Oh paradise, paradise, I’m the peacock, I’m the peacock
The colours of the rainbow
See me, see me The sun hasn’t set
I’m walking in the rain on this boy yet
Cold and wet I’ve so muh to do, so much to do
So confused Who are you fooling?
Walking in the rain It all seems to confusing
Despite straight lines and I don’t know what to do
I don’t know which way The sky is falling down
to turn And I don’t know who to turn to