Dave-id Is Dead

Day by day, only me in my world
The glory, the glory
Oh dear ?heart
I look through the windows
I can see you clearly now
Walking in the rain
I don’t care you know
I believe in myself
I believe in everything
In today
In my dream ?
Like the
Get cold
Day by day looking at these four walls
Leave me here, leave me till tomorrow
Oh the sky so grey
My life so grey
Leave me, leave me to say
Oh some day
I get away from this misery
Leave me, leave me, please leave me alone
I believe in my sleep
Let me sleep till tomorrow
Oh leave me the day of my life
You’re so old
You’re so old and grey, the grey in my head
And you never done right
Oh leave me, leave me alone
Leave me today
Sometimes I feel I’ve been dead