Eyewitness: Hel, Scotland

Oh what to say about the Virgin Prunes!The VP’s along with The Birthday Party so completely changed my life in the early 80’s that you could say that their influences made me the person I am now.I have had the pleasure of seeing the Prunes on several occasions – the last time if I remember rightly was at Rooftops in Glasgow in ’82. They were stunningly awsome, dramatic and very funny too! I remember trying to hitch back to Edinburgh with my hair & face completely white because Guggi had been “sanctifying” the audience with talc or something – hey perhaps that is where the Goth tag came from – their audiences leaving all white faced and stunned looking! Did anyone else here go to that gig? Do you remember the madly haired compere that came on to announce the VP’s – none other than the infamous Roxy of the Edin scene – if you were there get in touch, I would love to hear your stories.I also saw Gavin & the Man Seezer doing Each man kills the thing he loves in Edin in ‘8??? This was such a beautiful gig, the memory of Gavin in his white suit and ane tap dancing to Man of Misfortune & Rags to Riches is is something else! I fell in love!