Eyewitness: gravier ph

I’m writing to mention that an important date is missing in the performances list : 28 jan 1983 at the theatre ‘Le Palace’ in Paris.
For me, this performance was an historic one because in the ’80 ‘Le Palace’ was the most famous and mythic place for parisians nigthclubbers, jetsetters and music fans and because Virgin Prunes are the most original, innovative and provocative band of the period and a real UFO in music history.
Few are the bands who create musical but also visual masterpieces. Virgin Prunes are one of them.
I also have to add that, ‘Le Palace’, with its very special atmosphere and decorum, was the perfect place to enjoy Virgin Prunes music and show.
These are all the reasons why I think that this concert was so unique. I will never forget this pure moment of grace.
A friend I convinced to come – a crazy fan of fm rock like ‘Foreigner’- was so upsetted ans impressed that he was talking about this show many days, weeks, months and years later. Incidentally, he also bought all Virgin Prunes records available, instead he thought before the show that their music was not so grate.
This little story proves 2 things. First, Virgin Prunes music and performances were so honest, obvious, human, beautiful and strong that it can reach anyone. Second, Virgin Prunes work is total art and it’s almost impossible to dissociate music and performance if you want to experience it in all its completeness and all its dimensions.