Conversation avec Gavin Friday – Entropie #9 – French fanzine (1986)

French fanzine Entropie #9 from 1986 contains a conversation with Gavin Friday in which he’s asked to comment on various issues such as the definition of Virgin Prunes, Irish music and culture, Northern Ireland, the Industrial music scene, violence and Guggi leaving the band.

Some quotes:

“Jesus Christ! Virgin Prunes are ugly, magnificent, simple, true. I don’t like talking about myself. I’m really quite a gentle person. I don’t like talking to strangers. I’m different than the other members of the group. They’re quiet, and me… I’m loud. They never talk and may feel a little frustrated.”

“I love seeing my mum and her family. They are people who get together to drink, dance, sing… I love that. We spend the night singing stuff like Stormy Weather, and Irish songs. […] I love old people. They don’t talk about music, they talk about life. I love the Irish sea. It’s beautiful, gray, not like the French sea. I don’t like beach holidays. I love the climate and fog in Ireland. You can feel the earth, the land.”

Download the full interview (PDF, in French).