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A Conversation With Dave-id – Part 1

Hello, is that Dave-id? It’s Stuart from Virginprunes.com. [Pause] Sorry, just turning down the sound on the telly. How are you? Yeah, good thanks. What have you been up to today? Just taking it easy today, out late last night. Where were you? Oh, out on the town on a date, having too many drinks […]

A Conversation with Gavin Friday – Part 3

If you’ve ever wondered about Jennifer and Mary Coote, or puzzled over the difference between a nisam lo and a vibe-akimbo, today your prayers are answered as we get stuck into the wonderful and frightening world of the Virgin Prunes’ songs. Virginprunes.com: Time for some rapid-fire questions about the content of the songs. What was […]

A Conversation with Gavin Friday – Part 2

In this second part of the interview, Gavin explains more about the process of remastering the recordings and takes us through some of the other changes in the format of the material.Virginprunes.com: For Virgin Prunes completists, one of the most exciting things about the new CDs is the appearance of the previously unreleased track Fádo. […]

A Conversation with Gavin Friday – Part 1

After the work on the re-releases had been completed, Virginprunes.com caught up with Gavin in late August to find out how the project had progressed from initial idea to final execution. Keen to explain the process, in this first installment of the interview Gavin takes us through the building of the relationship with Mute Records […]

TV Appearances

1979, Ireland, RTE, The Late Late Show (broadcast October 1979), studio performance – Theme For Thought 1982, Ireland, RTE, Non Stop Pop – Pagan Lovesong 1982, UK, Channel 4, Whatever You Want, footage recorded specially at the Brixton Ace on 25 November 1982 – Walls Of Jericho 1983, UK, Channel 4, Whatever You Didn’t Get […]

Ordering Virgin Prunes online

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Official Mute biography

The uncompromising social climate of the mid-1970s is often cited as the catalyst that sparked a wave of artistic creativity in anyone who felt that their future was bleak. For a group of teenagers growing up in Dublin, Ireland the prospect of a life in the dole queue led to the creation of their own […]


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Virgin Prunes elsewhere on the web

Virgin Prunes elsewhere on the web: Gavin Friday Guggi Dave-id Mute Records – home of the 2004 re-releases Mute Records Germany Early photographs by Patrick Brocklebank The Hidden Lie – fansite Trouser Press – bio and reviews All Music Guide – Profile Philippe Carly – Concert photos New Rose discography – Former home of VP […]

Guggi: “We were just teenagers with nothing to do”

Sunday Times, September 2002 They didn’t fit into Cedarwood Road, nor into the lower middle-class niche of their youth. Neither of them liked football, the drinking culture that they saw the older teenagers slipping into nor the grinding poverty of ambition among their peers. It helped that they lived opposite each other: Derek Rowen in […]