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“Virgin Prunes matinee” video

Thanks to one of our forum members we’re able to present two short videos filmed during the interview part of the Virgin Prunes matinee in Brussels on October 30, 2004. The secret naming rituals of the Prunes On record companies and reforming Footage courtesy of Nervorama.

Ancienne Belgique Matinee Photos

Some images taken at Ancienne Belgique’s Virgin Prunes matinee on Saturday, October 30, 2004. 250 people attended this sold out event. They were treated to unique Virgin Prunes video footage, a live interview and DJ sets.

The return of the slaughterhouse six

From: Hot Press By Peter Murphy Back in their terrifying heyday, they threw pigs’ heads around on stage, covered themselves in muck, provided Marilyn Manson with a career and wrote ‘Community Games’ for Aidan Walsh. Having escaped the clutches of a sinister born-again Christian turned transvestite, they’re now making movies with Neil Jordan, dining with […]

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New paintings at Guggi.com

New paintings for Guggi’s upcoming exhibition at the Osborne Samuel gallery in London can be viewed at www.guggi.com

Brussels Virgin Prunes matinee sold out

Ancienne Belgique have informed us that their ‘Virgin Prunes Matinee’ at the ABClub in Brussels on October 30 is completely sold out.

Winners of the competition

Five signed copies of the ‘Virgin Prunes: An Exhibition’ promo CD are on their way to the lucky winners of our competition:

Transcript of 2FM interview

Gavin, Guggi & Dave-id appeared live on RTE’s 2FM with Dan Hegarty on October 5, 2004. A transcript of the first hour of the show is now available in our archives.

Guggi, Dave-id and Gavin on RTE 2FM, 2004

Gavin, Guggi & Dave-id appeared live on RTE’s 2FM with Dan Hegarty on October 5, 2004. This is part I of the transcript: Song: I am God Hegarty: Well, it’s what you’ve been waiting for, The Virgin Prunes, ‘I am God’. The Virgin Prunes, or at least some of them, Gavin Friday, Dave-id and Guggi […]

Eyewitness: Hilde

I’ve got a lot of holes in my memory about the wild 80’s, so I don’t remember exact dates and places, but I do remember I saw Virgin Prunes for the first time live at Hof ter Loo in Borgerhout (Antwerp), I guess I must have been 18, 19 or 20 (so the year could […]