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Caucasian Walk, Gavin Friday live in Limerick 2011

Gavin Friday has been touring his new album ‘catholic‘ in Ireland, Belgium and The Netherlands – opening his set with Caucasian Walk at every show. Fellow ex-Prune Dik Evans joined the band for the shows in Stradbally (Electric Picnic) and the Olympia Theatre in Dublin.

Video: Walls of Jericho

Video: Caucasian Walk

Caucasian Walk live in 1982.

Big Think – Overcoming Arts True Test: Discipline – Guggi

“While artists are known for following whims and dodging routine, the Irish painter Guggi insists that hard-work, structure, and a refusal to put down even the most frustrating piece, are the keys to developing ones talent.”

Video: Bau Dachong

Bau Dachong live performed at Sale Saint Jean Lusanne 5-2-83

Video: The Pig Children

‘A New Form of Beauty ‘ – Dublin, Douglas Hyde Gallery 8th November 1981

Video: Sweethomeunderwhiteclouds

Sweethomeunderwhiteclouds, live in Bologna 1983

The Web Show – Guggi interview

Video: Polder Rock Festival French TV 1986 Interview

Polder Rock Festival French TV 1986 Interview and live performance.

Video: Walls of Jericho

Walls of Jericho, live