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Les Virgin Prunes sons possédés par le diable? – Actuel 33-34 – French magazine (1982)

From 1982, an article on the Virgin Prunes from Actuel, a French magazine, written by Elisabeth D. She rambles on about God and the Devil quite a bit… It’s best to skip the text and enjoy the pictures. Download the article (PDF)

Zig Zag magazine (1982)

An interview with Gavin and Dave-id from Zig Zag magazine (1982). ZZ: How come you did such essentially rock ‘n’ roll gigs as the Theatre of Hate support spots? Dave-id: It’s only rock ‘n’ roll and I don’t like it Gavin: There’s no use playing gigs unless people see you. We use gigs like that. […]

Vinyl Magazine, 1981

In Rough Trade’s London HQ the Virgin Prunes are seated on old chairs and stacks of telex books, gathered around the tape-recorder. Guggi is busy grooming his nails, Mary studies his rhythmically dangling legs, Dik leans backwards, apparently relaxed, from the tip of his chair Dave-id observes the scene, his eyes nervously darting around and […]