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Big Think – Overcoming Arts True Test: Discipline – Guggi

“While artists are known for following whims and dodging routine, the Irish painter Guggi insists that hard-work, structure, and a refusal to put down even the most frustrating piece, are the keys to developing ones talent.”

Courtney Love’s introduction to the Virgin Prunes

Courtney Love introduced the Virgin Prunes at the ‘Gavin Friday and Friends’ event in Carnegie Hall on October 4th. She did so eloquently and passionately, explaining how she came to know of them and what they meant to her life. What follows is a close approximation of what she said and it includes a brief […]

Mates, Dames and Prunes

Virgin Prunes on stage at Carnegie Hall (Gavin Friday, Guggi, Dik + Jim Thirlwell) We’re still recuperating from our whirlwind trip to New York City, where we attended the “Gavin Friday and Friends” concert at Carnegie Hall. By ‘we’ I mean the International Brigade, a group of friends who met online, through their love of […]

Big Think – Ideas – Guggi interview

Question: What was your biggest career mistake? Guggi: Working for my dad. Question: Why was that a mistake? Guggi: It was a mistake because he worked us very, very hard for very little money but then when he’d get annoyed with us he wouldn’t discipline us the way you would normally discipline an employee. He […]

Prune power

The Irish Times – Saturday, October 3, 2009 He led an elite group of avant-garde chancers that included Bono and The Edge. A host of stars, including U2, will take the stage in New York to celebrate the former Virgin Prune’s 50th birthday LYPTON VILLAGE was a little known area in Ballymun, Dublin. It only […]