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Video: Bernie & Attracta

Sense of Ireland, Hot Press cover shoot

1980 Virgin Prunes (top right) The Atrix (bottom left) DC Nien (bottom right) U2 (top left)

Fan’s scrapbook

We received an old Virgin Prunes scrapbook which an Irish fan currently residing in Brasil rescued from the dangers of humidity.

“Virgin Prunes matinee” video

Thanks to one of our forum members we’re able to present two short videos filmed during the interview part of the Virgin Prunes matinee in Brussels on October 30, 2004. The secret naming rituals of the Prunes On record companies and reforming Footage courtesy of Nervorama.

Ancienne Belgique Matinee Photos

Some images taken at Ancienne Belgique’s Virgin Prunes matinee on Saturday, October 30, 2004. 250 people attended this sold out event. They were treated to unique Virgin Prunes video footage, a live interview and DJ sets.

If I Die, I Die advertising

Advertisement from Seaside Festival magazine, 1983: (courtesy of WV)

A New Form Of Beauty 5 – ticket

This is an original ticket from the A New Form Of Beauty 5 exhibition in 1981. As you can see from the reverse, this particular ticket was bought by, or for, Noel. Was that you?

Sister Ray 29 September 2004 pictures (fans)

Following on from yesterday’s overview of the Sister Ray signing session, today we present more photographs of Gavin & Guggi chatting to some of the people who attended.Given the format of the event, these photographs are a little more repetitive. For those who were present and captured here, we hope you enjoy the memento. For […]

Sister Ray 29 September 2004 pictures

Virginprunes.com eagerly bought a One Day Travelcard and popped along to London’s Soho on 29 September 2004 to document the Mute Records re-releases signing session at Sister Ray with Gavin & Guggi.

Gavin Friday on Virgin Prunes – Rattlebag RTE