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The Children Are Crying

I hear the children crying as they all die of fever Their mums and dads go out, they don’t care I hear the children crying So so so sad, so so so sad I hear the children crying, tomorrow will never come The children don’t play in the park The flowers don’t grow anymore I […]


Shouting/Crying, things I’d care not to talk about Closing in/I’m closing in, shut down Still I have the memory in my head Vivid/Clear Thinking about the things I’ve said Telling me it’s not me Say I say why? No reason but my own Well, call it now, answer the questions i’m asking myself God, they […]

Twenty Tens (I’ve Been Smoking All Night)

Hey, hey, we’re all alone Can I ask you a question? Come answer some Or is it you lack personality? Can I state my case in case you mind? Or how about what do you think about what I think about? Could it, or is it so, in a conversation? Do you really want to […]