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She’d smile for you and tilt her head and that’s what you want oh a kiss could tell all the stories you’ve been told is she good in bed? diamonds are forever but she pays the price she cannot see a thousand deaths her heart has died in innocence and beauty she caged the beast […]

My Dependence On You

It always rains, it’s always raining Soon it’ll be dark, I’m so so frightened I close my eyes to see I twist my brain to talk ?, a shadow on the wall The night is dark, the night is cold Without you, I’m inside Without you, I’m nothing My dependence on you My dependence on […]

Love Is Danger

It whispers in your ear, the things you want to hear No need for names, there’s no voices here! Only the truest confession…the clinging arms, The secret charms, the forbidden fruits The apple of your eye become the hidden lie Love can kill Bites the hand that feeds Sometimes…cuts your throat Leaving you, leaving you […]

Never Ending Story

This is the story of a selfish mind A guilt feeling, a raging lust The strangest things, they happen everyday The dream is up for sale, the dream is up for sale Somewhere in the clouds above A daily ration of hate and love The girl is in black, she says, she wants revenge The […]

The Blues Song

Show me the way to go home I’m tired, I wanna go to bed I had a drink about an hour ago And it’s gone straight to my head Well I’ve been up all night long Talking with friends about the things in life They’ve seen it all, done it all, heard it all That’s […]