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Please take me far away Our tomorrows we’ll live today So sad when fear takes hold All the secrets never told Forever changing the people I know Behind my back they talk of me But I, I don’t need to know Where are they now? Where are they now? All those laughing faces All those […]

I Am God

Waiting for midnight Waiting for bad dreams (no silver, no gold) How can I talk with you I have no words. Stranger… I have been here before. You stretch me sleepless upon my bed Shut out the cold, kneel and pray I will go to sleep Waiting for midnight Waiting for bad dreams (no silver, […]

Love Lasts Forever

I know all your secrets Please little girl I like the way you frightened, It makes me feel secure Your eyes say something special “We can run away” Pushed against the wall Never are we wrong You can hold my hand We can be strong A thousand ways to show I care I could give […]


Heaven Is such a nice place You never loved me You never cared Wrap me in chains For a million years And I won’t care Yes it could be magic Just for you to be with me In heaven, my heaven Oh, angel, my little angel You did me harm You told me lies And […]

True Life Story

Pretty little girl Pretty little girl’s in the bathroom Sitting on the carpet Playing with the ?sun Always the devil in me He makes me feel like a man I open the doors all day To find me in a room Oh, I am so scared I’m looking for something beautiful I’m looking for a […]


Of this men shall never know Of this men shall never understand I close my eyes so I cannot, cannot see So afraid of the dark, there’s nothing there You’re mad, you’re mad, you’re a weirdo You’ve gone too far too soon Breaking out from the inside I’ll wait for you, so hard to find […]

Ulakanakulot/Decline And Fall

See the children play by Running try to touch the sky When one falls you hear a cry “You’re dead, you’re dead, you must die” “Take a dream and fly away” she will call They will wait for you not I, see me crawl And sometimes I feel so old I never smile nor do […]

Theme For Thought

[Alternative live lyrics are given in parentheses] Should I talk the way you want me to talk Say the things the way you want to hear them I know a lot of people like that They talk in words but what do they mean [They think in words and words alone] When heart becomes a […]

Caucasian Walk

I looked at my watch and I saw I had no time Didn’t notice all the clocks on television Controlled violence on sale in new streets Don’t delay in boring studios Whatever happened to Emancipation Act ’73? I think it’s lost, yes it’s lost In a world of satisfaction, no delay! Like a crazy singer […]

Walls Of Jericho

Which the way, the way we are going? Which the way will save us all? For I have been here for so long For I have seen all i can see I see further to a day, to a day never to come With eyes in the back of my head I see all around […]