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If I Die, I Die

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Of this men shall never know Of this men shall never understand I close my eyes so I cannot, cannot see So afraid of the dark, there’s nothing there You’re mad, you’re mad, you’re a weirdo You’ve gone too far too soon Breaking out from the inside I’ll wait for you, so hard to find […]

Ulakanakulot/Decline And Fall

See the children play by Running try to touch the sky When one falls you hear a cry “You’re dead, you’re dead, you must die” “Take a dream and fly away” she will call They will wait for you not I, see me crawl And sometimes I feel so old I never smile nor do […]

Theme For Thought

[Alternative live lyrics are given in parentheses] Should I talk the way you want me to talk Say the things the way you want to hear them I know a lot of people like that They talk in words but what do they mean [They think in words and words alone] When heart becomes a […]

Caucasian Walk

I looked at my watch and I saw I had no time Didn’t notice all the clocks on television Controlled violence on sale in new streets Don’t delay in boring studios Whatever happened to Emancipation Act ’73? I think it’s lost, yes it’s lost In a world of satisfaction, no delay! Like a crazy singer […]

Walls Of Jericho

Which the way, the way we are going? Which the way will save us all? For I have been here for so long For I have seen all i can see I see further to a day, to a day never to come With eyes in the back of my head I see all around […]

Ballad Of The Man

Once I was rich but I’m better off with a satisfied mind I go down to the river, see the boats go sailing down I throw stones in the river, it keeps me satisfied, satisfied I live day by day, take every day as it comes Some are good and some are bad Spanish Johnny […]

Baby Turns Blue

Mary be so proud, things that are not allowed To take your own life, stab it with a knife They put you in a box, send you up to heaven Oh what to do, not to feel and who are you Give me money give me sex Give me food and cigarette What should we […]


A long time ago

Chance Of A Lifetime

I feel ?I’m watching, I’m being watched everywhere ? ? Chance of a lifetime Chance of a lifetime Chance of a lifetime Their eyes everywhere

Dave-id Is Dead

Day by day, only me in my world The glory, the glory Oh dear ?heart I look through the windows I can see you clearly now Walking in the rain I don’t care you know I believe in myself I believe in everything In today In my dream ? Like the Get cold Day by […]