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Theme For Thought

[Alternative live lyrics are given in parentheses] Should I talk the way you want me to talk Say the things the way you want to hear them I know a lot of people like that They talk in words but what do they mean [They think in words and words alone] When heart becomes a […]

Caucasian Walk

I looked at my watch and I saw I had no time Didn’t notice all the clocks on television Controlled violence on sale in new streets Don’t delay in boring studios Whatever happened to Emancipation Act ’73? I think it’s lost, yes it’s lost In a world of satisfaction, no delay! Like a crazy singer […]

Walls Of Jericho

Which the way, the way we are going? Which the way will save us all? For I have been here for so long For I have seen all i can see I see further to a day, to a day never to come With eyes in the back of my head I see all around […]

Pagan Lovesong

Heathen a pagan No sun shines for me Savage but gentle The animal within And I see it now I had a weird dream Watch but don’t touch I had a weird dream I’m taking it away “Put it in a bag, hide it in a tree” I want to steal your heart, your heart […]

Man On The Corner

? ? ? where are you go down Down the ?side to the ?sea There was a strange man on the corner I said man are you drunk Are you a performer? He said I will walk I remember under where the bombs fall I will ? I said goodbye man If it’s the price […]

Go ‘t’ Away Deirdre

We play a different game [What’s your name?] We play a different game [What’s your name] We go outside with the grass [No, what’s your name] And we go to the water ? We go for a walk ? We play a different game We play a different game We play a different game

Loved One

? sitting on the carpet Playing with a gun Playing with a gun Shoot him up Push him down Onto the ground Into the grass Muck Dirt Bad No Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaa


Spit into his eye Seeker save your soul ? crawling in pain ? Never cry Never ? Never Never I crawl out of her I crawl out of her I crawl out of her Mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother I crawl out of her I crawl out of her I crawl out of her, […]