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Sandpaper Lullabye

Sandpaper Lullabye Caught up in my own world full of emptiness Hiding in the dark and I’m all alone Screaming at the sound of silence And a part of me who I am has gone away And she hadn’t got a love of her own No she hadn’t got a love of her own And […]

No Birds To Fly

?Life is but a dream ?Life is but a dream ?Life is but a dream I’ve never seen this before I can see ? ? ? wet and sky so blue Something else is ?hurting? me The time has come to talk of things Of shoes and bells and wedding rings And why say goodbye, […]


[First Gavin moans in the background that they shouldn’t break the thing, which is presumably a chime bar.] Guggi: ‘Fuck it. Ya can’t break em. Would ya ever fuck off, Gavin!’ Gavin: ‘I won’t fuck off!’ Guggi: ‘..??.. be grumpy’. Gavin: ‘You can’t buy them things, man!’ Guggi: ‘We don’t want to buy the thing, […]

Brain Damage

Tell the marchers, tell the soldiers Don’t you know my brain is damaged Everyday the paper boy brings more… One and one is two, two and two is four, four and four is eight Run rabbit run, before it gets too late You hurt your fucking mother but you won’t fucking hurt me And that’s […]

Beast (Seven Bastard Suck)

Awaiting in the wings, he smells of second death Calling out to all who’ll listen fearing none but one He wallows in his filth and spits on God on high And bitch she stands alone, the sun, the moon and sky The seven bastard suck, the flesh and blood of man A voice it speaks […]

Sad World

When you’re down and out, nobody wants to know you A boy and a girl running away They won’t get far Somebody gets shot And somebody else laughs They think it’s so funny It’s a sad world The river will swallow you up Please take me away With all the madmen I’d be better off […]

Sweethome Under White Clouds

Sweethome under white clouds A picture on the wall, it says it all I had a dream long time ago, imaginary Like water, I had no colour Running free, eternal beauty And heaven, it was on earth The promised land of milk and honey And I see it now The pain it lasts and all […]

Come To Daddy

[Live versions of the song often began with “If it wasn’t for your mammy or your daddy you wouldn’t be here tonight”] This day, this day seems so long This day, this day goes so slow Like every other day Day in, day out so boring I don’t know, know what to do I have […]