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Guggi’s Art Attack

Irish Times – May 2000 by John Kelly THE INDEFINITE ARTICLE: Guggi used to live in Lypton Village – an imaginary universe populated by people with strange names. He got the name Guggi because his mate Paul thought he looked like a Guggi. Then Paul needed a name too and Guggi chose it, dubbing him […]

Guggi: “I was very sad to walk away from that band”

Enter.ie – 2000 What were your interests as a teenager? I think that what other kids were interested in didn’t do it for me. I guess that that’s the best way of putting it, and to some extent, I was probably quite lost. I remember being hit by a stone on the head as a […]

Solo Careers and Offshoots

This page specifically lists solo careers of, and offshoot bands involving, former Virgin Prunes members. It does not list guest appearances of Virgin Prunes members – during their time in the band or otherwise – on other artists’ records. For the full picture, see the Name and Members page. Gavin Friday Gavin’s solo career began […]

An introduction to Virgin Prunes

“There is no other group in the business doing what they’re doing at the moment,” announced Gay Byrne to his Irish television audience in 1979, introducing the Virgin Prunes. “What it is they’re doing I’m not too sure, mind you, but there’s no one else doing it.” His response was fairly typical. The Virgin Prunes […]

Band name and Members

The group had a particular trait of giving new names to the people and things around them, stemming from the Lypton Village ethos of providing an alternative space for self-expression away from the norm of mid-1970s Dublin life. The group’s name and its members’ names have been explained in various interviews. Other names given by […]

Unreleased songs

Many of these titles come from bootleg tape covers or are simply guesses. If you think you know better, please let us know. Unreleased songs/performances * Art Fuck was an early song/performance piece. * Boy Girl was an early song/performance piece – U2 recorded a complementary song with the same title. * Sad was an […]

Brief history

The ultimate aim of these web pages is to provide a detailed history of the Virgin Prunes. Until this is fully researched and written up, here’s a very brief guide to what they did and when they did it.

The world according to Guggi

Sunday Independent – July 13 2003 The world according to Guggi THE Eden-like splendour of Guggi’s garden in the Dublin suburb of Dundrum is broken by Paddy, a hulking great Irish wolfhound. I am less scared of the snakes – Lucien, Yuna and Imotep – crawling biblically about the kitchen than I am of Paddy, […]

Virgin Prunes – Réminiscence

from: Premonition n°22, January 1996 À l’aube des années 80, la vague punk avait nettoyé la plage, et les jeunes groupes n’avaient que l’embarras du choix quant à la musique qu’ils désiraient créer. Un des groupes “froids” de l’époque allait pousser les choses plus loin que les autres, et leur influence, bien que discrète, sera […]