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Masterbag interview – 1982

(Quotes from 1982 Masterbag article) Dik: “Our motivation is to express ourselves in whatever way we feel we must.” Gavin: “We want our audience to do as they wish. If they like it or lump it, it makes no difference to us once they react.” Dik: “Our work originates from within our collective personalities. It […]

Virgin Prunes books

Books by the Virgin Prunes A New Form of Beauty This book, never published, was supposed to be either part six or seven of the 1981 A New Form of Beauty project. Books about the Virgin Prunes The Faculties of a Broken Heart, Rolf Vasellari (Black Sheep Press, 1985) A subjective view of the group, […]

Virgin Prunes – U2 Connection

I occasionally receive a puzzled e-mail from surfers who have found a Virgin Prunes link on a U2 page and don’t understand why. I also (less frequently) discover Virgin Prunes fans who aren’t aware of the group’s connection with what has become one of the largest rock bands on the planet. Very briefly, this is […]

Recurring themes in Virgin Prunes lyrics

The ultimate recurring Virgin Prunes/Gavin Friday lyrics: Twenty Tens – “secret thinker, hidden lie” Love is Danger – “the apple of your eye becomes the hidden lie” Tell Tale Heart – “the ultimate cover-up, the hidden lie” The Children are Crying – “tomorrow will never come” The Children are Crying – “if tomorrow doesn’t come […]

Quotes by and about Virgin Prunes

“The Virgin Prunes are a mirror to you. To look in that mirror or turn away is your choice…” From “Art Fuck”, an early unreleased Virgin Prunes song. “The energy, the vitality, the r’n’r spirit radiated from the Virgin Prunes and anybody who’s ever come in contact with them is amazing. Their ideas alone are […]

Influences and song explanations

There were many direct and indirect influences on the music that the Virgin Prunes produced and this list is by no means exhaustive. It also includes some appropriate interview excerpts. The band often refused to discuss what they were “about”, insisting that they didn’t want to tell people what to think. Nevertheless, on several occasions […]

Vinyl Magazine, 1981

In Rough Trade’s London HQ the Virgin Prunes are seated on old chairs and stacks of telex books, gathered around the tape-recorder. Guggi is busy grooming his nails, Mary studies his rhythmically dangling legs, Dik leans backwards, apparently relaxed, from the tip of his chair Dave-id observes the scene, his eyes nervously darting around and […]

Gavin, U2 magazine, August 1982

Apart from the fact that Edge’s older brother Dik plays guitar in The Virgin Prunes, there are links between the two bands that go back to their childhoods, and recently Gavin Friday of the V.P.’s shed some light on their names: “The U2 connections were very strong at an early stage because I grew up […]

Guggi Knights

Sunday Times, May 21, 2000 As he unveils his first exhibition for five years the artist formerly known as Derek Rowen looks back on a disciplinarian childhood and his escape from conformity with Bono, the Virgin Prunes and painting, writes MICHAEL ROSS Everyday objects in art: Guggi’s Urns with Stripes at the Solomon gallery is […]

Guggi: “They make me feel like a wealthy man”

Irish Independent, June 18, 2000 Father’s Day, Guggi, pop-star-turned-artist, talks to Aine O’Connor about his children. WHEN Guggi left the Virgin Prunes in 1986 he decided to concentrate full-time on the thing he had long been most interested in painting. He got a small studio in the City Arts Centre, Dublin, where a young but […]