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Prune power

The Irish Times – Saturday, October 3, 2009 He led an elite group of avant-garde chancers that included Bono and The Edge. A host of stars, including U2, will take the stage in New York to celebrate the former Virgin Prune’s 50th birthday LYPTON VILLAGE was a little known area in Ballymun, Dublin. It only […]

Still Life of a Painter – Guggi

From Blog of Revelations, by Peter Murphy “I gotta say, when I see it hung, I’m pleased.” 24 hours before the opening of his latest exhibition, Guggi, born Derek Rowan, reclines in an office room in the Kerlin Gallery, mere yards from where the fruit of his last few years of work adorns the walls. […]

Guggi’s bohemian rhapsody

Growing up with nine siblings Guggi, was known as the eejit one, but now the ex-Virgin Prunes member is at the forefront of Irish art, still friends with Bono and looking far more like an eejit savant, writes Sarah Caden Sunday March 15 2009 ‘AM I a good Christian?” asks Guggi, sitting in front of […]

Bringing art and anarchy to 1980

Irish music magazine State.ie talks to Gavin Friday about the Virgin Prunes. The full article, ‘When art and anarchy collide’ is available online. “The second gig we ever did was just me and Guggi, with U2 are our band, when they were The Hype. I worked in a slaughterhouse and I got a load of […]

Stylus Magazine’s Guide To Goth

One of the web’s best music sites, Stylus Magazine, sadly shut up shop a few weeks ago. Clicking randomly through its archives, our attention was grabbed by the unexpected sight of a picture of Dik and Guggi.

Gonzo Circus Magazine, 2004 (in Dutch)

‘Rabbits, dung and black lace’ :

The return of the slaughterhouse six

From: Hot Press By Peter Murphy Back in their terrifying heyday, they threw pigs’ heads around on stage, covered themselves in muck, provided Marilyn Manson with a career and wrote ‘Community Games’ for Aidan Walsh. Having escaped the clutches of a sinister born-again Christian turned transvestite, they’re now making movies with Neil Jordan, dining with […]

Guggi, Dave-id and Gavin on RTE 2FM, 2004

Gavin, Guggi & Dave-id appeared live on RTE’s 2FM with Dan Hegarty on October 5, 2004. This is part I of the transcript: Song: I am God Hegarty: Well, it’s what you’ve been waiting for, The Virgin Prunes, ‘I am God’. The Virgin Prunes, or at least some of them, Gavin Friday, Dave-id and Guggi […]

Take Me Back To ’72…

Gavin Friday remembers the Virgin Prunes From The Independent, October 7, 2004 Virgin Prunes – A Terrible Beauty Re-released Blame it on the Prods and the Plymouth Brethren… Blame it on the Christian Brothers and the GAA… Blame it on Georgie Best and the cider drinking Boot Boys…. Blame it on Sister Nora, my career […]

A Conversation With Dave-id – Part 2

Continued from part I So when the music was changing in that way and then the band when back with Over The Rainbow to releasing more of the experimental stuff, do you think that made it harder for a lot of people to accept The Moon Looked Down And Laughed very shortly after, when it […]