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The Strange Fruit of Irish Rock – The Sunday Times Culture (2004)

Two-page article and interview with Gavin, Dik and Dave-id by Michael Ross. From The SundayTimes Culture supplement, October 3, 2004. “Long before they had a band, they had a name for it, which referred to the people who attended a nearby facility for the mentally handicapped. Fionan Hanvey and Derek Rowan watched them come and […]

Virgin Rebirth – Sunday Independent Life (2004)

Gavin Friday writes exclusively for the Sunday Independent’s LIFE supplement about the Virgin Prunes. From September 26, 2004. “The year was 1972 when I, Fionan Martin Hanvey, first befriended Derek Karl Rowen and Paul David Hewson. We all lived on Cedarwood Road. We loved music, we had a similar surreal sense of humour, we liked […]

The Virgin Prunes – interview – The Bob (1983)

“‘Pagan Love Song’ is saying, emotionally people have feelings for somebody, and instead of just going for it, they go all around this trip. But by the time they get there, it’s lost. ‘Pagan Love Song’ is just sort of… be savage.”

A Beginner’s Guide to the Virgin Prunes – Masterbag #11 (1982)

This issue of Masterbag – the news magazine of the independent wholesalers – features a 3-page article written by Claude Bessy with pictures by Colm Henry and additional quotes taken from interviews from NMX, Vox and Melody Maker. Bessy writes: ” … The Virgin Prunes have refined the live part of their activities into a […]

L’Attimo – Rockerilla magazine #33 (1983)

Four-page article and interview entitled ‘L’Attimo’ (“The Moment”) from Italian Rockerilla magazine issue 33, April 1983. Rockerilla: “What do you think of the Italian audience?” Mary: “Very excitable. In Venice we were chased. We played in a big tent, and sometimes the power failed, so we had to stop and take shelter back-stage. Dik however, […]

L’impossibilità di essere “normali” – Mucchio Selvaggio magazine #63 (1983)

Two-page article entitled “The impossibility to be ‘normal’” from Italian Mucchio Selvaggio magazine #63, April 1983, written by Federico Guglielmi. Mostly biographical details and discography, some quotes. Gavin: “The Beast is beautiful. Just because something is not pleasant to see or hear, does not mean it is ugly. And that’s what we’re saying – another […]

Les Gens de Dublin – New Wave magazine #20 (1983)

Two-page feature in French ‘New Wave’ magazine, issue 20 from 1983 written by Patrick Rognant. It mainly covers the Prunes’ history, memorable shows and releases interspersed with brief quotes from an interview with Gavin. “Mary and I got a Catholic education. There are two Catholics in the band and two Plymouth Brethren. Those two (Guggi […]

Virgin Prunes à la mode – Gloria magazine (1983)

Fashion spread from Gloria (feb/march 1983), a French magazine. Article by Patrick Rognant, photos by Philippe Djanoumoff, styling by Alain Foucher. Clothes by Karl Lagerfeld, Thierry Muglier and Claude Montana. Rognant writes: “Dave-id confides in me that his favourite singer is Bruce Springsteen. They don’t want to be a cult band like Psychic TV, P.I.L. […]

Tripping the lite fantastik – Record Mirror (1981)

Cover and ‘Tripping the lite fantastik’ article by Chris Westwood, from the February 21, 1981 issue of Record Mirror. From the article: Gavin Friday is wearing a dress (“but I don’t want to look like a woman – I’m not wearing the dress in a feminine way”); Dave-id is currently calling himself Dave-Id Busaras Scott […]

Pigswill – Flexipop 29 – magazine (1982)

‘The Virgin Prunes give Kris Needs some pork scratchings’ in this interview from Flexipop magazine (issue 29, 1982) Gavin: “The pig is supposed to be a greedy and selfish animal, symbolic of dirt and filth. But the thing is, it’s the most honest.” A German tour was pulled out “because they thought we killed pigs. […]