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I dreamt I loved you Woke up knowing I do Sunken in dreams of delight Your tender touch told me you cared For I am a fool romantic For I am a fool romantic Betrayal… The words we shared do they mean nothing? I tear my soul to ease this pain My friends say you’re […]

Don’t Look Back

The fly in the ointment The hole in your head Pretty little visions of honeymoon gold Shame! Shame! Shame! What a terrible shame Let’s all sing of the tortured heart Flesh and the devil Live and let live Shame! Shame! Shame! What a terrible shame Let’s all sing of the tortured heart The shame in […]

Uncle Arthur’s Lonely World

Uncle Arthur went to work Came home from work Like he always does There’s so many lonely people in the world He’s just one of them Uncle Arthur was looking out the window The day the stone came through the window The glass hit him in the face The blood runs down his cheek But […]

The Moon Looked Down And Laughed

The moon has eyes and watches me As I go to sleep I’ve caught so many falling stars There’s holes in my hands Such a tale I could tell you Oh, I will take one more step Get down on your knees, crawl! Another dead soldier – me that’s all Take a chance Take a […]

Sons Find Devils

Drink! Drink!Drink to our fathers For they are real men and we are just boys Boys! Boys! In games playing dangerous And blood of baby must be spilt To make up for our daddy’s guilt It’s all I ever wished for And all I ever wanted All I ever wished for All I ever wanted […]


Please take me far away Our tomorrows we’ll live today So sad when fear takes hold All the secrets never told Forever changing the people I know Behind my back they talk of me But I, I don’t need to know Where are they now? Where are they now? All those laughing faces All those […]

I Am God

Waiting for midnight Waiting for bad dreams (no silver, no gold) How can I talk with you I have no words. Stranger… I have been here before. You stretch me sleepless upon my bed Shut out the cold, kneel and pray I will go to sleep Waiting for midnight Waiting for bad dreams (no silver, […]

Love Lasts Forever

I know all your secrets Please little girl I like the way you frightened, It makes me feel secure Your eyes say something special “We can run away” Pushed against the wall Never are we wrong You can hold my hand We can be strong A thousand ways to show I care I could give […]


Heaven Is such a nice place You never loved me You never cared Wrap me in chains For a million years And I won’t care Yes it could be magic Just for you to be with me In heaven, my heaven Oh, angel, my little angel You did me harm You told me lies And […]

True Life Story

Pretty little girl Pretty little girl’s in the bathroom Sitting on the carpet Playing with the ?sun Always the devil in me He makes me feel like a man I open the doors all day To find me in a room Oh, I am so scared I’m looking for something beautiful I’m looking for a […]