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Gavin Friday’s new album on the way

Rubyworks are delighted to announce the signing of singer, composer and artiste Gavin Friday to the label. Gavin has been working on songs for a new studio album since 2008; co-writing with Cork based keyboard player Herbie Macken. The pair first collaborated for the Patrick McCabe play ‘The Revenant’ for the Druid Theatre Company in […]

Rogue’s Gallery out on August 22

The Johnny Depp inspired / Hal Willner produced tribute to sea songs and chanteys ‘Rogue’s Gallery’ will be released on ANTI on August 22. The album features the mini-reunion of Dave-id, Guggi and Gavin Friday, on the song ‘Bully in the Alley’. Gavin Friday also contributes the song ‘Baltimore Whores’ Disc one: “Cape Cod Girls,” […]

Tracklisting: Over The Rainbow

Last in our tracklisting previews, the double CD ‘Over the Rainbow’.

Virgin Prunes: An Exhibition (promo)

Mute Records have released a promo CD containing material from all five re-issues, entitled ‘Virgin Prunes: An Exhibition”

Tracklisting: The Moon Looked Down and Laughed

Today we present the tracklisting for The Moon Looked Down And Laughed:

Tracklisting: Heresie

From box set to double 10″ and now on CD:

Tracklisting: … If I Die, I Die

14 tracks grace the re-issue of this classic album, including the previously unreleased track ‘F

Tracklisting: A New Form Of Beauty

We kick off the tracklisting previews with A New Form of Beauty, a double CD:

Artwork: Over the Rainbow

The last of our artwork previews. Next week: the first of the tracklisting previews.

Artwork: The Moon Looked Down and Laughed

This week the artwork for the Prunes’s final studio album and another radical change from the original. What’s Guggi doing on this sleeve then, eh? You’ll find out later…